Jumatatu, 29 Agosti 2011


Defence and National Services minister Hussein Mwinyi

Dar es Salaam. About Sh90 billion is needed to re-establish the National Service training scheduled to start in 2013, Defence and National Services minister Hussein Mwinyi said yesterday. Dr Mwinyi who was inaugurating his ministry’s exhibitions to mark the Mainland’s 50th independence anniversary, said the money was needed for renovation of infrastructure at training centres as well as allowances for trainers and trainees.
“We had planned to re-introduce National Service training in this fiscal year but due to lack of funds and other deficiencies, we were forced to postpone it until 2012/13,” he told reporters at Mnazi Mmoja grounds where the exhibitions are being held.
According to the minister, about 40,000 Form Six leavers are expected to be trained in 2013. He said the students would be trained in two phases spanning six months each.Upon reintroduction of National Service training, Dr Mwinyi said all Form Six leavers would be forced to spend six months doing the course before being allowed to proceed with higher education.
Dr Mwinyi said in order to make sure that the reintroduction of National Services training would not interfere with other educational activities his ministry was involving stakeholders in the sector in discussions to come up with a perfect model. In a bid to make sure that all soldiers lived in camps, Dr Mwinyi said his ministry plans to build about 10,000 houses in the current fiscal year.“Although we have been given a very limited budget, my ministry would make sure that 10,000 houses are built across the country to  guarantee that our military personnel live in camps,” he said

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