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About Garani-Mw1 
GARANI-MW1 was found by GLORIA KANTEMA JEREMIAH, who is studying Master of Public Health Degree at College of Medicine specialising in Epidemiology. She is working with the Ministry of Health in the HIV and AIDS program in Lilongwe District Health Office. She has worked on this AIDS herb for quite a time and she got in touch with it through one of the patients who had the HIV and suffered from AIDS who was told about the medicine in a dream, took it and got cured. When he came to her office to inform her about the development, she was keen to establish the truth about his past and present HIV status. She tested him for HIV using several tests. She wanted to verify the truth about his claims. She took him to the laboratory where other tests were done by other laboratory personnel and found the same results. She took him to Malawi Blood Transfusion Service (MBTS) and the results were negative just like the other two. This is when she was compelled to establish his true identity and verify whether indeed he had the HIV before or not. She contacted the hospital where he was getting the ARVs. She verified with the records that indeed he had the HIV and had been on ART from 2005 to 2007.
She further traced him to his home village to find out from his relatives about his true identity and previous HIV status. His family members gave all the information and this is how she got convinced that indeed this man had HIV and something had happened in his body. The big question was Did God want only this man to be cured or other people having the same problem of HIV taking the same medicine following the same instructions can get cured as well? This marked the beginning of the journey.
What is surprising about this herb is that apart from the HIV, some people who do not have the virus but have other diseases like diabetes, chronic wounds, hormonal imbalances, asthma and many other ailments and conditions have testified that they have been cured. This is all the reason why there is need for more research to be done about this herb apart from the HIV curing.
From the left: Francis, Elizabeth, Constance, Kaitano, Gloria and Kenneth.

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